SDL Rally 2011

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Have you ever arrived at a venue for the first time and all you see tells you that you must be at the wrong place?

Well, let me tell you that we were the first couple to arrive at the function hall where the 2011 SDL 10th anniversary Rally was to be held. Upon seeing the lit-up venue with a long red carpet and floral bouquets, I told my wife to wait in the car so that I could check if the SDL function was possibly held elsewhere.

What really took my breath away was when I entered the function room – I had to blink my eyes a few times – a stunning sight of beautifully decorated tables mixed with décor that was fit for a King! Could this be the SDL venue?

Just then I saw the beautifully dressed organiser of the event, Marinda Steenkamp. She was busy, together with an events team, to complete the final touches to everything in the room.

Finally convinced, I now returned to fetch my partner to walk on the red carpet like a Queen!

Parked to the left and the right of the red carpeted entrance was all the SDL motor vehicles – and what an impressive sight that was!

As the guests arrived for this black-tie event, any observer could see that this was a very special occasion. The men were all very well dressed in their black suits but it was the ladies that really stole the show with their evening dresses! What a pleasure, they commented, to dress up – after all, this was SDL’s 10th birthday party.

Each couple walked on the red carpet to the entrance where they were welcomed by two charming ladies. Each guest was given a fantastic gift as well as details of the table booked for them.

A dedicated photographer was available and guests were requested to have their photograph’s taken sometime during the evening.

Most guests were stunned when they entered the function room – the general impressions varied from WOW! to fantastic and even to “out of this world.”

Then it was time for Master of Ceremonies, Lukie Janse van Vuuren, to start the proceedings. After welcoming all the beautifully dressed ladies and their partners, a Lucky Draw was held just to get the excitement going.

We were twice during the evening entertained by an up and coming young singer Vuyo Sotashe – both songs were beautifully sung and really enjoyed by the audience.

This was followed by a prayer in thanks of the dinner that was going to be served as part of the proceedings that followed.

Suffice to say that we enjoyed a very tasty starter of black mushrooms, a main course of lamb shank or beef fillet and finally an apple and ice cream desert.

Marius Sprong gave an up-to-date presentation of our revised Supporter Plan and this was followed by an excellent motivational speech given by Ds. George Rauch.

Testimonies were given by Abe Makhalanyane and Gaynor Miles followed again by a lucky draw for some unsuspecting and surprised guests.

Tim Coleman gave a presentation in anticipation of a Bank Card that SDL will be launching early in 2012. This was electrifying news and issuing of the card is keenly awaited by SDL members. 

Then followed the prize giving to marketers and SDL staff.

A cruise on the MSC Sinfonia in January 2012 to Maputo and Barra Lodge was won by the following marketers:

  • Suzi Goosen
  • Carol Daniels
  • Karin Benadie

and by SDL employee:   Gamieda Ross

Excitement reached fever pitch when keys to SDL Branded Motor Vehicles were given by Kobus Geldenhuys to the following Marketers: 

  • Carol Daniels
  • Ivona Barry

An upgraded vehicle was also given to:    Karen Benadie

That brought the official proceedings to a close and at the same time announced the start of the dance for the final two hours of the evening.

It was indeed an evening to remember – well organised in a wonderful setting with never a dull moment. In fact, we were all totally blown away by the magnificent experience and wish to say

“Thank you SDL, for a truly stunning evening – we are proud to be associated with you. Thank you Marinda for all the hard work and effort you put in so that all of us could have an experience that we will never forget”

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