MSC Sinfonia Cruise

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Hi to everybody in SDL and everyone else reading this letter:

Boy was it worth it to work hard and win a price for the best senior member of the year!

And the trip being on the MSC Sinfonia was a treat that you just have to experience yourself!

When we left Durban harbor, I went to the top front deck, “level 12”, to stand up front and when the boat entered into the open sea with so much power, grace and dignity, the greatness of the moment almost overwhelmed me!

The service on the boat was excellence in every way; 700 working personnel members! Every meal was a feast in its own right and as you can see from the pictures, one night at 12o’clock they served a meal with all the beautiful snacks in a watermelon shaped like a fish.

We spent one day on the Portuguese Islands where the water was so lovely that I was drawn to it like metal to a magnet: I paid a price for staying in it too long without sufficiently protecting myself with suntan lotion!

All in all, Johan and I enjoyed every moment; from the entertainment to the restful sleep in our cabin that shuts out any noise when you close the door.

Last but not the least, SDL, Kobus and Lynette, thank you very much; the fellowship with you was so nice!!

The pictures will tell their own story of enjoyment! Folks, work hard this year and be part of next year’s trip!

Karen Benadie...

Testing Family pic2Testing Family pic2Testing Family pic2

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