MSC Sinfonia Cruise 2013


After all the hard work and excitement building up to the cruise, the day finally dawned.  Early on the morning of Tuesday 26 February 2013, the horizon in Cape Town was temporarily changed by the appearance of the majestic cruise liner, MSC OPERA.  

And, would you believe it, fourteen excited people of the SDL family just finished packing their bags to spend the next three nights on this vessel.  For some in the group it was a first time experience – as was the uncertainty if the precautionary motion sickness pills would do its job.  

The excited group met at and departed from SDL Head Office and were virtually first in line to board our “five star home” for the next few days.  As we stepped on board the Opera, it felt as though you were in another world. We were amazed by the 5 star appearance of the reception area – what an exquisite ship!  After unpacking our bags in our comfortable cabins, we all met on deck to bid Cape Town and Table Mountain farewell, whilst sipping cocktails.  In the swimming pool areas the DJ and the entertainment teams were already dancing and encouraging all passengers to join in the fun.  

That evening, and every evening thereafter, the SDL team had dinner together at the first sitting at 18:30. The variety of food on offer was fantastic and was served not only by the Italian crew but also waiters from Indonesia, India, Russia and more.  After dinner Bingo could be played and the winner would walk away with a lot of money.  This was followed by a professional show with dancers and performers of the highest calibre.  After the show we were spoilt for choice as each of the many lounges had different singers and even dancing classes.

The second day the weather was beautiful and we had arrived at Mossel Bay – the ship anchored in the bay as its size did not allow it to dock in the harbour.  Most of us spent the day exploring the ship’s sights including the shops, gymnasium, beauty salon, miniature golf course or just enjoying the sun in and around the pool.

Some of us decided to explore Mossel Bay and was transported by small craft from the ship to shore. The trip took about 15 minutes and was handled throughout by the very capable Italian staff. Mossel Bay on foot was a different and very interesting experience; sights in the town was seen and visited which the motorist passing through normally does not have the time to stop and visit!

That evening we joined the rest of the passengers for a fun filled Tropical Party.  After a long and exciting day, we dragged ourselves to our cabins and were very soon swayed to sleep by the gentle motion of the ship still lying at anchor outside Mossel Bay.

Too soon the last day at sea arrived.  Rough seas, rain and wobbly legs caused by the movement of the ship can describe some of us.  The time was used indoors by moving from one restaurant to the next enjoying all the fine dining, playing bingo, reading and chatting.          

It is impossible to describe the experience in a few words, but if I have to:  FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD (24 hours a day!) The food was unbelievable – the highlight being a midnight Tropical Buffet, where the Chefs really showed us their talents and WORLD CLASS ENTERTAINMENT (from Karaoke, learning to dance the Salsa and Cha Cha, entertainment by the crew – singing, dancing, and much, much more!)

With heavy hearts (and bodies) we were sad to arrive back in Cape Town as the most enjoyable holiday went by too fast! You have to experience it in order to understand what a relaxing experience this is.  Each and every one of us made a promise to be back next year.

If you want to be part of the next lucky group of travellers, then work hard on your SDL Business so that you can qualify to be part of this unbelievable experience. We invite you to tackle either the DSP 2013 Production Incentive Challenge or the Supporter Production Incentive Challenge and win one of twenty ocean cruises (for two) for being one of SDL’s top Marketers.  (Just remember to take your sea legs!!!)

The entire group expressed their gratitude towards Kobus and SDL for the honour of being selected and invited to join this very memorable cruise on the Opera.

Click HERE to view the pictures of the cruise.

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