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The SDL team!

08 April 2019

Message received from Philda in Hammanskraal

Good evening Sir

Thank you very much for standing your ground and never gave up on your vision regardless of whatever that SDL might have gone through.

Mercury Plan brought back my "love and passion" for Network marketing after a lot of things dressed as Network marketing businesses left wounds and scars in the market.

Our team is running and educating people on what SDL through Mercury Plan is offering. People who lost hope are back in this noble industry, through SDL, your vision.

May God keep you and bless you with more wisdom and people who will love and respect this vision. 🙏

I am enjoying earnings from SDL every Friday and most importantly, my team is also earning. 🙌

04 July 2017

Good day SDL

I just wanted to take a moment to commend SDL for their Mobile app.

On Father's Day after a family lunch, my brother in law collapsed in our home. Nobody knew what to do. I grabbed my phone and pressed the EMS button on the mobile app and within 30 seconds my phone rang and the EMS help desk assisted me with giving medical advice to access the patient and then dispatched an ambulance.

It was a big eye opener to how situations can change in an instant and it felt great that I could assist my family at a push of a button - that moment changed even how my sister thinks about our product now.

She has since loaded the app on her phone and completed her profile and has peace of mind that in a medical emergency- all she has to do is push a button.

Thank you, SDL for your amazing product.

IMD Dynamic are proud distributors of the SDL product.

Best regards,

Natalie Henry

Gotha Healthy Lips

27 March 2016

I purchased healthy lips from the SDL's Wellness Brand for my extremely dry cracking lips and it works!

One Saturday, I participated in a fun run. On my arrival I realised I had forgotten my sun screen,

Reading the Gotha pamphlet became an advantage.

I applied the healthy lips to my face, I had read it activates as a sun screen,

My aunt then commented: “ she’s putting lip balm on her face”. I just laughed because I saw the difference Gotha's healthy lips had done to my lips and face.

Shaheeda - Cape Town

(click on the image to find out more about the product.)

08 March 2016

I thank Lydia for introducing me to this wonderful opportunity, I thank Mr Mampuru and Frikkie for being so humble and available whenever we need them, and I love to be in this team, God has blessed us in a big way this year, and I appreciate to see the team in Boksburg, especially Mr Kobus, Karen, Cynthia and all the team. Thanks for the motivation of seeing their success because it's where we want to be, there and above.

Kind regards Nombulelo Mfihlo

08 May 2015 

Dear SDL 

Like many of South Africa’s people I was searching for a honest way to earn a second income. Something that will be a success and also will fit into my very busy lifestyle. 

I am a businesswoman with a lot of responsibilities. I am also a mother and with that, trying my best to live the Proverbs 31 wife. 

SDL proved to be the answer to financial freedom. 

For the first time there was something that I only needed to present once to people. Like a tree I plant and care for while its small, but will then carry fruit for the rest of its life. The best is that I can teach others how to fish for themselves and SDL is the rod. 

Thank you SDL for this awesome opportunity!! 

Kind Regards 

Adriette Jordaan 

From: Nompumelelo Manzini
Sent: 20 August 2013 04:14 PM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Testimonial 

Dear SDL 

First of all, I want to thank God for making things possible. I also would like to take this opportunity to thank SDL for their kindness and for believing in me. It really changed my life in such tremendous ways. 

I was deeply in debt and I managed to get out of that situation within one month. That was through determination and it made me successful. 

Believe in yourself. You can do it too. 

Just go for it! 

Kind regards 

Revlone Nompumelelo Manzini


From: Marika Grobler
Sent: 17 July 2013 10:48 AM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject: Kobus and Marius Visit to EC

Hi there 

I just love reading the testimonials on the website, I find them so encouraging and I wish more members would write testimonials for us all to read and be encouraged.....  

I would just like to say, what an awesome privilege it was to meet Kobus, Lynette, Marius and Hettie. What loving couples they are! They stayed at the Guesthouse I manage when they came to PE and we had such a wonderful, encouraging time together. We also got to celebrate Gerhard Weyer’s birthday here. Myself and my family were invited and really where made to feel part of a family, rather than just a member. 

They are the most genuine, real people and I am so so very proud to be a member of SDL and be part of a company that has such a wonderful vision and mission for the families of our beautiful country. 

La Mer Lodge  ( also now a Lifestyle partner of SDL )
041 582 2059 


Their presence validated our business in Hammanskraal, and settled a lot of doubt and suspicion. 

The significance of the visit is that more than 70 people had the opportunity to see and hear that our business is for real. 

Thank you! Your effort and presence is highly appreciated. 

Dawid Jordaan.



What an inspiring evening! 

27 June 2013. 

Meeting the guys who started SDL gave new meaning to the business and the success that lies ahead for us. 

It was a busy night. People from all over came to listen and meet Kobus, Marius and Karen…. and to sign up of course! The vibe was electric and it was great to see how much SDL has grown in Polokwane over the past 4 months. We almost didn’t have enough space for everyone! 

But in the end we were inspired to do more, determined to continue building a great future for us, our family and friends.

Financial freedom here we come!! 

Melinda van Rooyen 

Greetings from Polokwane









From: Caroline Jansen

Sent: 26 June 2013 10:22 AM

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Subject: Testimonial 


Ek was altyd bang dat dinge nie vir my sou uitwerk in die lewe nie, tot ek van SDL gehoor het. SDL kan jou help om die wêreld binne te gaan. Moet dit nie alleen trotseer nie. Met SDL het jy ‘n vriend, finansiele versekering en meer. 


I was always afraid as to how my life would turn out, but that was until I heard about SDL. SDL can help you conquer the world. You do not need to face it alone. With SDL, you have a friend, financial security and much more. 

Vriendelike groete

Kind regards 

Caroline Jansen

From: Sindisiwe Dlamini
Sent: 16 May 2013 08:07 AM
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Subject: Testimonial


It takes an extra mile, extra praying, extremely extra hard work and extra determination. Without Love one cannot survive in this business. Protect the company brand at all times and be proud of being an SDL Member. Extra - is the word.

Thank you to my team for their hard work

Kind regards



From: Erasmus, Loren

Sent: 19 April 2013 11:49 AM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Good morning

My husband and I decided to join this business on the 7th of May 2012 and to my surprise after 1 year of joining, we are still walking, talking, sleeping, eating SDL ever since. Being a mother, wife, full time PA and singer, it is an absolute challenge and fulfillment. To my astonishment we still have people saying that they do not have time for this business where in fact, you actually have to just make that slight mind-set change and in return with a little extra effort into your daily routine, you can make a difference.  My husband being the presenter and me being the “sales lady” we make a formidable team and even my children experience the “mommy and daddy” business when they see us grabbing for our bags to a meeting. Quote from my eldest son: “SDL again tonight mom?” Don’t worry I will look after Luke, because I know you and daddy are going to make a success ”. We absolutely love what we do and we thrive on changing people’s lives.

Today I am happy to say that we have built-up a strong business relationship with an elite team in Paarl and surroundings. We drive each other so much so, that we make an effort of getting together every week, whereby we have an informal 1hour chat session and getting to know each other more, sharing ideas, motivate and most important of all, support each other 100%.

All of our achievements thus far could not be made possible without my financial wellbeing partner, mentor and friend Gamieda. You are always willing to walk the extra mile in making sure that for all the hard work we put in, that we do get PAID.  Your friendliness goes without saying and it is such a comforting feeling to know that I can pick up the phone at any time and you will be there to guide me.  Sometimes I don’t know what I will do without you. The last couple of  4weeks has been hectic between the 2 of us trying to get “things” sorted but I applaud you for your endurance and tenacity and best of all your great service.

Kobus, thank you for making all of this possible and for giving us the opportunity to be part of this family. You are a true inspiration for all of us.

God bless you and your family.

Loren Erasmus

From: Melissa Venter

Sent: 15 January 2013 03:12 PM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Good day
As a senior marketer I would like to share my experiences about SDL. I was approached by a sales marketer in October 2011 about SDL and naturally I was skeptical as I too tried many MLM businesses previously.

I listened to the presentation and was very excited and interested, I joined immediately and then joined the marketing team. I have not looked back once since I joined, yes, it did not go without effort and disappointments. I realized you cannot change people’s perspectives and outlook on things, to them it just looks too good to be true.

Within the first month of joining I had people asking me if I received any money from SDL for my efforts, my response was that I was not concentrating on the money but recruiting of new members because from there everything else will fall in place.

I would like to say to all senior marketers and members that their efforts and hard work will pay off, stay positive and focus on what you want to achieve in SDL.

SDL has given everyone an opportunity to be financially free and it is up to each individual to part of this amazing business opportunity and make a success out of it.

Well done to Kobus Geldenhuys and his excellent team and all at the SDL offices, patient, friendly, efficient and always ready to assist with your every need.

God bless

Melissa Venter
Snr Marketer

From: Jaqueline Baloyi

Sent: 16 November 2012 09:50 AM
To: Frikkie Boshoff

Subject: SDL first pay cheque!

Dear Frikkie

Re: Letter of appreciation

I was so happy to have received my first remuneration for my LEVEL 1 from SDL and I could not help but jump arround telling my family, friends and relatives about it.

My phone has been ringing off the hook ever since. They would like to know more about the product offered and be part of the SDL business opportunity, not only in Gauteng, but also in Limpopo too!

Jaqueline Baloyi

From: Loeriesfontein Primary School

Sent: 06 September 2012 09:50 AM

The Loeriesfontein Primary School golf day is one of the corporate and social event that SDL has chosen to be associated with.

Click HERE to read a letter of appreciation

As appeared in the Algoa Sun Newspaper: September 7, 2012

Mr. Roelof Basson, who joined SDL in October 2008, received a payment to the value of R126 000.00 on behalf of his wife that was in an accident and tragically left her permanantly disabled:


I am honoured to be a member of SDL (DSP Plan) and to have had the opportunity to attend the SDL Training yesterday. It was lovely to enter SDL Offices to experience the beautiful, peaceful and calm spirit that prevails where all the staff are so happy.

THANK YOU for the Birthday greetings received by SMS today.

Your thoughtfulness, kindness and good wishes are very much appreciated.

Thanks a million for this amazing opportunity to assist in creating a better lifestyle for families!

The Lord bless you
Colleen May

Sent: 25 June 2012 11:03 AM
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Subject: You are Tops


I have joined SDL three weeks ago. I was very sceptical about it initially.

Having been part of other MLM businesses previously, I had some scary and embarrassing experiences.

SDL in this short while has demonstrated their integrity in such a great way, I can not help but to say that you are the best.

Two administrative errors has occurred on my profile. The one I must admit was my own fault. SDL staff has not questioned or blamed me. Instead they handled everything so professionally and the problem was resolved in literally seconds.

Thanks a million

Grant Theys

To: Kobus Geldenhuys
From: Hester Boshoff, Brakpan

Claim HJ(Jako) van der Wath IRM 258596

I herby wish to thank and compliment SDL on the speedy process in which my son’s claim was handled.

After being hit by a motorist, Jako was admitted for 30 days in hospital, and is currently temporary disabled due to a broken leg.

According to my knowledge, the claim would have taken 6-8 weeks to be paid out, but to my surprise, after submitting all the required documentation, the hospital benefit was paid out after only 4 weeks!

It is very assuring to know that SDL is living up to its promise – "Creating a better lifestyle for Families", not only with the network and income, but also when claims arises. Since this was my first claim with SDL, I can only look forward to the next claim without any doubts and worries.

A very warm thank you to yourself, Phillip and Riedwaan in the manner in which you helped me with this claim, and also to the fact that the PHI claim is also already approved, as being confirmed by Phillip.

Thank you.

Dear Mr. Kobus

RE: Letter of Appreciation

I, Mavis Z. Manana, wish to wholeheartedly thank you for the touching support you have given to my whole family.

I tearfully wonder what I would do without your help. My children manage to eat something daily because of you Mr. Kobus. Our whole lives depend on you. Even though none of my supportive children are employed, but that gap is closed completely.

May the Lord God bless you and give you countless years to live so that his name may be glorified through you.

We love you with all our hearts.

Yours faithfully

Mavis Manana

From: Tommy Helberg
Sent: 25 March 2010 06:38 PM
To: Kobus Geldenhuys

Subject: Diens Lewering

Beste Kobus

Ek wil net graag langs hierdie weg my opregte DANK en waardering uitspreek met die profesionele en familieagtige behandeling wat aan my betoon is met die afsterwe van my vrou Ina op die 20ste van Februarie.

Met so iets wat met 'n mens gebeur is jy heeltemal van koers af en weet nie altyd wat te doen staan nie, want dit is 'n emosionele tyd in 'n persoon se lewe en ek het na die begrafnis eers alle dokumente aan SDL oorhandig en binne 'n kwessie van 8 ure was die fondse in my rekening betaal en kon ek alle verpligtinge van die begrafnis onmiddelik afhandel...

Ek wil ook net noem dat ek nie een enkele persoon kan uitsonder nie en kan net vir alle personeel my opregte dank en waardering uitspreek. Dit is waarlik nie 'n besigheid nie maar 'n Familie saak. Nogmaals my opregte dank aan ieder en elkeen.

Tommy Helberg

Hi Kobus

Ek neem nou maar die vrymoedigheid om jou uit die bloute te kontak. Ek het so 5 weke gelede n lid geword van SDL hier in PE (deur n kontak en toe spesifiek nadat ek met Craig Prentice gepraat het). Dit klink seker snaaks, maar ek wil jou graag bedank vir die geleentheid wat jy aan ons beskikbaar gestel het.

Alhoewel my sdl besigheid nou maar eers begin, kan ek duidelik die potensiaal daarin sien vir myself, my familie, maar ook ander mense om my. Ek was oor die afgelope 10 jaar baie bevoorreg om goeie leer ervaringe, ondervinding en redelik goeie inkomste uit my eie klein besighede te kon maak, waarmee ek in die toekoms nog meer wil vermag. Alhoewel ek dus bloot n lid is en nie n senior lid, gaan ek tog nou saamwerk met n nuwe bemarker hier in PE (Barry Delport). My broer, Grant, het ook aangesluit (hy is in Bloemfontein) en gaan daar op n deeltydse basis ook bemark.

Ek hoop om jou en baie ander persone betrokke by sdl nog in die toekoms te ontmoet.

Namens Grant, myself, en ook my familie, dankie – ek glo ons gaan baie goeie dinge hiermee regkry.

Craig Pannell
Business Management Consultant

"What Really Makes Money" of Charl Collings, is an independent magazine, covering articles about the hottest business opportunities in SA.

In the May 2009 issue (Vol 2, Issue 11, and Page 11) SDL was listed as one of the hottest opportunities around.


The following article was published on the iafrica .com website. It deals with whether SDL is a pyramid scheme or not.

The original article can also be viewed at http://personalfinance.iafrica.com/expert_advice/90346.html

Date: 17 March 09

Dear fellow SDL friends

When first approached by a SDL representative my reaction was one of skepticism since I am a very cautious person, but because it was part of a school funding project I decided to join, taking into consideration that the amount involved was very small and the benefits seemed comforting. I still had my doubts… not knowing what SDL would mean to me!

Saturday night 29 November 2008 was a night that I will always remember. At about 21h20 we were chatting in the kitchen when my little girl of 23 months started crying hysterically. Upon picking her up I discovered that a spider had fallen from her pants. My husband discovered a bite mark on her leg but failed to calm her down. We managed to catch the spider and tried to phone our GP. He was not available. After having made several calls in order to find help while my baby was screaming frantically, my husband phoned the Middelburg Hospital. They were prepared to take her in for observation but there was no doctor available until the next morning. This was the last option and we decided to drive the 120km to Middelburg Hospital. When I put my personal belongings in my handbag I discovered my children’s birth certificates were lying on top of my yellow copy of my SDL subscription. I phoned immediately. By now my family was already in the car and my husband was anxious to leave!

I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly voice and instant help I received that time of the night. The people at NetCare 911 immediately put me at ease and assured me that they would be able to help. The paramedic was prepared to send a helicopter to fetch her should it be an emergency. I was so relieved!

I was finally able to explain everything to the paramedic, who informed me about the symptoms and advised me regarding treatment. What a friendly and well mannered guy!

Thank you SDL and NetCare 911 for outstanding service! You saved us a trip to Middelburg and numerous doctor’s and hospital bills.

I am definitely without a doubt the happiest SDL member and proud to be one!

Liana Stoltz


To J.H. Geldenhuys, send per mail

Hi there. Firstly well done on an outstanding rally that has left everyone impressed. It was really great to see all of you guys once again and to hear that progress is happening.

The guys are very exited about the Achievers package and i know that when the rest of the guys hear the good news, it should get them going.

I am very impressed by your attitude in the way that you have always undertaken to better SDL as a company. I am very proud to tell everyone that i am an SDL man because it is backed by men and woman of real integrity and people of their word.

Well done, you are a real inspiration and an example to both myself and Marlene. As i said before; 2008 was great, but 2009 will be FINE, and it's yours and mine.

Regards, Craig Prentice

To J.H Geldenhuys, send per mail

I want to thank the founder of SDL because if it was not for him the lifestyle of my family would have never changed, even the people who knew us can see that we have changed.

One of the things that has changed is that, I really like to take my family out. That was normal for them, but I had to tell them the budget that they have to spend on before we leave our home, but now, because of SDL I can take my family for an outing without discussing the budget with them, what they have to do is to enjoy themselves and not to memorize the budget.


From Ben Tlali (Master Member)

THE INCIDENT: My husband died on 31/07/2008.

We have a Funeral policy & Disability with SDL Financial services.

They are TOPS. Within 48 hours, after they received the needed ,the funeral money were deposited in my bank count.

Anyone reading this, do your self a favour, and join them, you could also earn an income from SDL.

Thank-you so much SDL!!!!!

Geagte Kobus

Hiermee wil ek net dankie sê vir 'n besigheid soos SDL wat werklik 'n finansiële voertuig vir ons almal is.

My man het in die woonstel geval en sy heup gebreek waarna hy 11 dae in die hospitaal was. Na sy ontslag het ek die nodige vorms vir die ongeluks - hospitaal eis na Johan Benadé by die SDL kantoor in Pretoria gestuur.

Met sy vriendelike hulp het hy alle dokumentasie hanteer en na die korrekte adres gekanaliseer. Die eis is flink hanteer en die gelde is in my rekening inbetaal waarna ek deur SDL per SMS in kennis gestel was.

Nagmaals baie, baie dankie!

Berta Bester

Mr. Geldenhuys

SDL Leesprojek: Loeriesfontein Laerskool

Namens ons skool wil ons u weer bedank vir die gelde wat u aan ons beskikbaar stel vir aanwending vir leerders met leerprobleme.

Ons het 'n projek begin deur ons gr.4 leerders se leesvermoe te toets. Hierdie werk is gedoen deur 'n arbeidterapeut van Calvinia. Sy het ook 'n opleidingsessie aangebied vir alle leerkragte rakende wenke rondom leesonderrig.

Daar is 'n koordineerder aangestel van die projek wat begin het met 'n loodsprogram. Vanaf Julie beoog ons om 3 dames in diens te he wat leerders in gr.4 met lees sal help.

Baie dankie dat u bereid is om betrokke te raak by ons kinders van Loeriesfontein. Mag die Here u seënmet u onderneming en nogmaals dankie dat u ons help om 'n verskil te maak in die lewens van ons kinders.

Vriendelike groete


After my Father has passed away, I went to SDL to apply for funeral benefits on the 16-02-2008. I realized that the money was already in my account on the 27-02-2008. I am happy about the service rendered to me and i will make sure i recruit others to join SDL.

Your's truly

Edwin Madiba

The late Sam Madiba

SDL Hoofkantoor

Ek wil net baie dankie sê vir julle behulpsaamheid met die eis wat ek gehad het.

Al die personeel met wie ek gepraat het, het deurentyd professioneel opgetree en presies vir my gesê wat om te doen. Omdat dit die eerste keer was wat ek 'n eis gehad het, weet 'n mens nie altyd wat die regte prosedure is nie. En van Sophia, Belinda en Riedwaan kan ek net met lof praat.

My man het geval en sy enkel gebreek en moes geopereer word om skroewe in te sit omdat die enkel aan beide kante gebreek het. Hy was in die hospitaal vir 6 dae. Hy het die Donderdag uit die hospital gekom en die Vrydag het ek vir SDL gebel om uit te vind of ek kan eis. Die antwoord was ja, en nadat ek met Riedwaan gepraat het en hy vir my gesê wat om te doen, en ek my brief gepos het, was dit net een week tot ek my geld in my bank gehad het. Ons almal weet hoe lank kan die pos vat.

Ek wil van die geleentheid gebruik maak om dankie te sê vir julle professionele personeel en die flinke diens wat ek ontvang het. Julle kan trots wees op julle personeel wat 'n goeie beeld na buite uitstuur.

Baie dankie Groete

Maureen Marincowits

"I want to assure members of the community that if you are indeed are looking for an opportunity to change your financial situation, consider being a members of SDL..."

The above is only an extract of Nomsa Hlope's testimonial. The full article can be seen below.

Dear SDL Leaders & Staff,

I, Ignacia Sebelo Sibiyawould like to express my appreciation to SDL for paying my claim, although it was submitted late to you. The Company was so faithfull to pay, i will also like to thank the assistance I've received from your consultant Riedwaan

Your's Faithfully

I.S. Sibiya

Spouse of IRM 00-365108

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